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Executive Director

Sadly, we lost our Executive Director in a tragic car accident. This leaves vacant the leadership role for our day-to-day operations. If you are interested in applying for this position, please read the job description below, download and complete the Job Application, then respond by email to our Board President, Darrell Downs: pastordowns@gmail.com, making certain to attach your completed Job Application.

Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director
REPORTS TO: The Board of Directors
DATE: January 29, 2024
    ● Sets goals in conjunction with directives from the Board of Directors.
    ● Responsible for setting strategies and articulating the vision to staff, volunteers and the community.
    ● Develop and implement strategies in order to accomplish initiatives and priorities as set by the Board.
    ● Develop and oversee all public relations including advertising, program development, and volunteer
    ● Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the CNWRC
    ● Acts as liaison between the volunteers, the paid staff and the Board of Directors and is responsible
      for building a sense of unity, cooperation and ministry.
    ● Growth in the number of decisions for Christ. Acknowledging that our efforts cannot “save” an
      individual, growth should be measured by the number of Gospel presentations. And from those
      presentations, evidence of more decisions made for Christ.
    ● Growth in the number of daily clients served who come to CNWRC for a pregnancy test and
      options counseling. Growth should be focused on serving a larger and younger client base (ages
      15-25 = 75% … ages 25+ = 25%).
    ● Growth in the number of daily clients served who come to CNWRC for ultrasounds. Growth should
      be focused on serving a larger and younger client base (ages 15-25 = 75% … ages 25+ = 25%).
    ● Growth in the number of CNWRC supportive churches.
    ● Growth in donors. Funding for CNWRC should include substantial donations from a CNWRC “high
      donor” database. The Executive Director should make an average of 3 personal phone calls per
      day to those listed on a “High Donor” database. These phone calls should serve the following
      purposes: 1) relationship building with the donor, 2) information dissemination about recent center
      activities, and 3) asking for a donation. The Executive Director should keep a careful log of these
      calls and the donations received using the provided tracking software.
    ● Growth in quality of fundraisers resulting in more funds raised.
    ● Increase in the number of days, and hours per day, we are serving clients at the CNWRC.
    ● Growth in the number of clients served online through our online chat program, and growth in the
       number of hours the online chat is active.

    ● All ministry aspects including client services, medical services, speaker’s bureau, volunteers and
      prevention services programs. Under the Board of Director’s guidance, the Executive Director has
      final decision making responsibilities.
    ● Is a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and
    ● Exhibits strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of all human life.
    ● Exhibits strong commitment and dedication to sexual purity.
    ● Agrees with and is willing to uphold the Statement of Faith, Statement of Principle and Policies and
      Procedures of CNWRC.
    ● Is a member of, and demonstrates faithful attendance in, a local evangelical church.
    ● Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management/Leadership or has equivalent work experience.
    ● Has at least two years experience working or volunteering in some ministry capacity.
    ● Exhibits skill in interpersonal communication, problem solving, public speaking, writing and effective
      media relations.
    ● Exhibits strong administrative skills, has a teachable spirit, and the ability to teach and lead others.
    ● Exhibits strong counseling and relational skills.
    ● Is able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, encouragement and direction to staff and
    ● Is able to implement strategic plans and goals for CNWRC.

Development and Strategic Planning
● Oversee fundraising for the CNWRC. Expand existing programs and develop new ones as
deemed necessary and as approved by the Board. Provide strategic planning for fundraising.
● Responsible for acquiring grants.
Community Relations
● Build relationships with existing and potential major donors.
● Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with churches, agencies, physicians, other
pregnancy centers and referral organizations.
● Administers program(s) to reach youth at schools and church youth groups. Collaborate with
Abstinence Team Coordinator to assure proper development and opportunity for presentations.
● Present CNWRC to the community through public speaking, personal meetings, interviews and
● Oversee production of a newsletter.
● Handles all media contact.


  • Formulate and implement operational policies and procedures for the day-to-day operations of
    the clinic, including meeting state standards for licensing.
  • Keeps the CNWRC license(s) current.
  • Develop an organizational structure to best utilize volunteers.
  • Prepare annual and monthly ministry reports for the Board of Directors, as well as those required
    by the state, Care Net, Focus on the Family and NIFLA.
  • Keep Board of Directors abreast of items of importance.
  • Attend all monthly Board meetings and present the Executive Director report.
  • Collaborate with the Treasurer of the Board to ensure that accurate and current financial records
    are kept.
  • Coordinate with the treasurer, directors and other staff on preparation of the annual budget.
  • Oversee the compilation of operational reports and report on the following at each Board ofDirectors meeting:
    ○ Grants funded (including details about the Grants)
    ■ Grants in progress (including details about the Grants)
    ○ Number of pregnancy tests per day for the reporting period
    ■ Graphical analysis of pregnancy tests per day for the prior three years
    ○ Number of ultrasounds per day for the reporting period
    ■ Graphical analysis of ultrasounds per day for the prior three years
    ○ A copy of the Development work log for the reporting period
    ■ Donation results from the Development work for the reporting period
    ○ Average age of a new client for the reporting period
    ■ Graphical analysis of average age of new clients for the prior three years
    ○ The reporting month, and the upcoming month schedule for tawk.to staffing
    ○ Staffing schedule for the reporting month and the upcoming month
    ○ Upcoming events and fundraisers
    ○ Staffing
    ■ New hires (position description and compensation)
    ■ Employee terminations or separations (reason or rationale)
  •   Ensure donor receipts and other communications with donors are done in a timely manner.
  • Prepare an annual calendar of events.
  • Oversee 24-hour helpline services.
  • Maintain thorough updates to the Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Assist and participate in all fund-raising events.
  • Design and place all advertising.
  • Ensure that adequate liability, fire and theft insurance are kept in force at all times. Keep the
    Board apprised of insurance needs and present policies to the Board for approval.
  • Oversee hiring, training and supervising all paid staff/volunteers.

Patient Services
    ● Collaborate with the Nurse Manager and Office Manager/Client Services Manager to ensure
      volunteers are recruited and patient advocates are properly trained to provide quality care to
    ● Make sure that on-going training is provided for patient advocates.
    ● Oversee patient services, including counseling, support services and support groups.
      Medical Clinic
    ● Collaborate with the Medical Director and/or Nurse Manager to ensure medical volunteers are
      recruited and properly trained to provide quality medical services to patients.
    ● Make sure that ongoing training is provided to all staff.
    ● Ensure that CNWRC is fully compliant with state of California regulations for licensing.